Our Mission Statement

Our Corporate Objectives

  • We are a leading manufacturer of products made from steel castings.
  • We act economically in order to generate profit.
  • We want to continue growing and to sustain the company in the long term.

In order to achieve these objectives, we observe the following

Corporate Principles

  • We create jobs and apprenticeship training positions.
  • We participate actively in public life.
  • We acknowledge our history and ensure positive traditions are continued.
  • We measure our performance against that of our best competitors.
  • Persistent cultivation of the market enables us to recognise and use our opportunities in the available markets as well as in new ones.
  • We are a strong company on the basis of our knowledge of materials and manufacturing processes.
  • We promote partner-style collaboration with our customers and suppliers for the mutual benefit of all concerned.
  • We guarantee our customers quality, strict adherence to deadlines, service and consultancy; and we require the same from our suppliers.
  • We recognise and acknowledge good performance from our employees.
  • We communicate openly and respond constructively to criticism.
  • We consider the interests and requirements of our employees.
  • We recognise and perform a duty of care vis à vis our employees.
  • We assign defined spheres of responsibility to our employees and authorise them to act accordingly.
  • We offer our employees possibilities to develop.
  • We promote further training.
  • We promote specific training perspectives for young persons in specialised and management fields.
  • Our employees are loyal in their pursuit of corporate objectives and principles.
  • Our employees are willing to participate in ongoing further training.
  • Our employees work on their own responsibility and effectively.
  • Our employees are actively organised in optimum processes.
  • Our employees share a sense of responsibility for all company values.
  • We ensure high availability of systems through constant care and servicing, maintenance and systematic modernisation.
  • We invest in order to increase productivity, expand capacities, improve working conditions and standards of health and safety at work.
  • We secure our company’s future in the area of technical development and research through collaboration within the company, the casting group and external organisations.
  • We use resources and energy sources economically.
  • We adhere to all laws, directives and orders.
  • We consistently improve our environmental performance.