Training Content for Industrial Trainees

Basic Skills of Materials Processing

Designating workpieces by marking, making flat and angled surfaces by filing, separating semi-finished products by sawing, drilling, countersinking and rubbing workpieces, cutting treads, assembling components.

Machine Cutting

Processing workpieces on conventional lathes by turning. Making surfaces, grooves and recesses by milling on universal milling machines. Separating semi-finished products by machine sawing.

Foundry-related Training

Making the casting system from foundry sand, forming and putting together from foundry sand parts of moulds with the help of models of the workpiece to be made. Setting up core boxes, filling with foundry sand and checking. Melting metals, preparing them for casting and pouring them into the prepared mould.

Model Building Training

Getting to know model building materials and processing them. Transferring data from technical drawings as model elevation. Planning foundry models according to technical drawings.

Works Classes

As a complement to vocational school teaching works classes in technical mathematics, technology, technical drawing and work planning are held. Furthermore, the trainees are prepared for the forthcoming examinations.